The Coal Miner

He emerges from a hole in the ground
and yes he is all black
no no no
he isn’t a rabbit or a mouse
don’t mistake his blackness
as ugliness of his soul
even if his lungs are smeared black
he helps the world stay warm
he drills the ground like his life
he fills his lungs with dirt
to fed his wife and son
whom he returns to at night
with pride and love
without washing or dining
he blows his dirt filled lungs
at the fire place
so his family stays warm
so the world keeps moving and
you feel his presence
in your life
if you ponder enough
for without the coal miner
and his soothing face black
his family would be wasted
the world would be cold

3 thoughts on “The Coal Miner

    1. Thank you Charles. This poem came to me when I saw some people burning logs to make coal. It reminded me of coal mine(r)s, and the recent news of so many miners being trapped in tunnels. Sad but true, their painful job makes our lives tolerable.

  1. You have the way to capture history into a song. It shall be the reminder of 33 miners who got out alive after 68 days…fortunate because in China coal mine kills lots. You appreciation for the miners is appreciated!

    There is one great Indian painting, which is now bought by TATA. It potrtrays a coal miners deep in the tunnel, black all over. You should get it and use it for your illustration.

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