The hands that carved it

With caution
he worked
on the details
the torso
the limbs
the face
he stood back
stared at his creation
he hesitated
age old belief
a flawless statue
comes to life
his hand on his chisel
carved the right eye
a little bigger
he worked on it
until satisfied
he retired for the night
he dreamt it
in all its regal
dancing to the beats
of the drum
a knock on the door
dawned with the morning light
they came in a truck
paid for it
they worshipped
to the beats of the drum
later next day
they abandoned it
in a nearby river

3 thoughts on “The hands that carved it

  1. This poem was inspired by an abandoned statue of a God after a recent Hindu Festival. It’s a tradition to submerge the statue in a river; however, I kept thinking of the hands that carved it and how many masterpieces are forgotten before the creator is recognised. And sometimes any kind of art comes with a price tag, even if it is going to be abandoned.

    @Charles, I am sorry I haven’t been able to read your blog recently. I am not home and I am very busy. I will update myself as soon as I get back. 🙂

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