A Lover’s Seasons

Weeping Woman, Pablo Picasso (1937)

Summers and years of loyalty
her love froze his heart
she would just sit and wonder why
she would have willingly given up her life for him
but her life and sacrifices
were of no value to him
the thunderbolt of Zeus
should have struck her dead
when she realised the reason for his coldness
her heart froze too
with too much of hurt deep within
she smiled lest people should notice her tears
but too many winters
rejuvenated her heart
it got warmer
now she has learned to hear and
love the melodies
in the wind
in the brook
in the chirping of birds
in the laughter of a stranger
and sweetest are the melodies
she hears in the silence
her heart did grow warm again
years apart
she finds contentment
in his happiness
in his new life
he loves another woman
but it isn’t important -she loves him
love lasted till the heartache season
heartache will last till the next love season


5 thoughts on “A Lover’s Seasons

    1. Thank you for dropping by Christine. I have been busy lately because of which I haven’t been able to post on my blog or read others blogs. I read the synopsis of your novel. It sounds interesting. You are already in the 4th chapter. Congrats. I shall read it ASAP I get time and give you my feedback. 🙂

  1. Wow…Very very nice poem… Interesting…I was expecting the lady to something crazy after heartbreak…but you achieved in convincing us the next unexpected parts…
    “but too many winters
    rejuvenated her heart
    it got warmer”
    liked these phrases very much…
    and the ending lines are also so sweet…

  2. “Best revenge is to live well” I heard somewhere in time. I hope you are not talking about yourself but I really love the woman there. She seems to be the same lady in your Independent Woman! I love your songs! Get me another one.

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