Life is fair

Courtesy: Sonam Palden

You stand in a moment
you are frozen
the gentle breeze of life
flutters the edges of your memories
you unfreeze
your roots grow deeper
into the ground of your past
your wings grow further
into the sky of the future
to see the silver linings
of clouds on a gloomy day
to realize every cloud has a silver lining
even during the darkest hour
then life stretches out
to take you in its warm embrace
for you are one of its child
it will teach you what you need to learn
but it will never put your way
what your heart cannot handle
life is fair

(Found in the dust collected collection from here and there.)


One thought on “Life is fair

  1. life isn’t fair always my friend, but your customized thoughts and the way you have portrait it, is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing…

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