It was a year
of pain
crying herself to sleep
wetting the pillow
every night
during the day
curling up on the bed
crying silently
‘I messed up’
she was giving up on herself
somehow she knew
there were good reasons
to start over
was what she needed
to find herself
one bright morning
as the sun rose over the horizon
she found
an inspiration
which helped her
find at least a part of her
and made her ponder
there were more important things in life
she created a whole new world
to live in



3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Many of the challenges in life can be overcome with ‘inspiration’…reading each of your post is like reading a diary sometimes…I feel so special to be able to read about this moments. Thanks for sharing these time!

    1. Thank you Charles for dutifully reading my blog. I am glad you enjoy it.
      I will be changing the ideas of my poems starting tonight. Hope you like them as much. But I will be posting my ‘diary poems’ in between. 🙂

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