A second set of footprints in the sand

They hold hands
walking towards the east
by the river
they wade barefoot into the shallow river
he looks at her and reaches out
kisses her and wades further
she turns back
sees two sets
of footprints in the sand
leading to where they stood
she knows this time the waves
won’t wash away one set of footprints

She looks after him
to the divine powers which gave him
into her embrace
her savior
he held her on drunken nights
wiped her tears on teary nights
smiled at her on difficult days
telling her he always loved her
he sat by and with her
through sleepless nights

She is suddenly jerked from her thoughts
as she feels water on her skin
she turns back
to look into a mischievous face
he laughs mad
she pulls him into her arms
kisses him
“I love you, darling.”
he touches her face,
“I love you too, Mommy.”
and wades into the river again


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