Walking Home



We walked the same road
For years
There was not a sign board
To tell me where we were
There was not a milestone
To tell me how far
We have traveled.

There were ups and downs
But we walked together
And we came to a crossroad
One road led to our home
A life of togetherness
The other had temptations.

So we parted ways
And I walked home alone
Faithless, heartbroken
With confusion and tears
Dreading the very life
I always wanted to live.

Trodding on thorns
Battered, bleeding
And almost hopeless
Sinking like a wrecked ship
But the North Star shone, guiding me
Through strong gale and storm
Looking up at my guiding star
I knew I could not give up
I had to keep walking.

I am still walking
And I know, someday I will reach home
With no regrets
For having traveled the road I chose.



38 thoughts on “Walking Home

  1. :(…I could feel the pain in this. “Courage of the heart is very rare…” Baby steps is sometimes the best way to get where you want/need to go, and you’ll be stronger for the test. Well written.

  2. “I am still walking
    And I know, someday I will reach home
    With no regrets
    For having traveled the road I chose.”

    I love these words…found myself reflecting on my own journey.

    This is a beautifully written poem.

  3. An experience many would have gone through but only a few could put it so vividly in words. Reading it, I am reminded of the many walkings in life that test the strength of our characters. Keep walking…everyone

  4. Wow. sad and yet hopeful. most journeys are long–if we’re lucky we have company along the way–it may come and go, but eventually there is a traveler heading to the same destination. Lovely poem.

  5. Nice one! It makes me feel pretty sentimental. As in “the show must go on” song, no matter what we are to face in life, ‘we’ve got to find a will to carry on with the show’ 🙂 Great poem!

  6. Kindred Spirit, we share so much reality. Once I felt that I bore it alone but you have assured me that many are one but not only. THANK YOU; I can go on.

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  8. What I wanted here was the imagery, it is completely topnotch! I really loved this poem and a must read poem. 🙂

    Happy Rally 🙂

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