It’s a beautiful night;
The moon is out;
The stars twinkle.

The dark sparkling river
Splashes up and down;
A soothing music for my soul.

Somewhere in the concrete jungle,
A cricket hum;
Drowning the monotonous
Hums of the machine animals.

Downtown the lights are on—
Orange and bright,
Blending with the silvery moonlight.

I stand above all;
I can see the town from here.

People are moving about;
I look down upon them
And my stare connects them
To the emptiness of the space above
And the emptiness within them.

My soul wishes to fly,
Soar high above;
And be free from the fetters of life,
and live for eternity.
It’s a cold night;
and I retire to my empty dwelling.

[This poem has been entered in the Monday Poetry Potluck on Jingle Poetry.]


14 thoughts on “COLD NIGHT

  1. How strange when I first began reading I didn’t associate the emptiness with you…but by the end of the poem I felt your emptiness…you caught me off guard with that….well done!

  2. Martin, thank you so much for dropping by again. I guess you are my first reader here on WordPress. 🙂 Thanks once again. You write beautifully. I read some of your posts.

  3. A nicely tuned piece! I thought for sure it would about the mind’s perchance to become cluttered, but you turned it all around….

  4. Oh.. I feel this,WWM… I really feel this!!! All those thoughts that pass through your mind on viewing a surreal scene in front your eyes.. but only to be disrupted by reality! Ugghh… time to go home again.. time to stay rooted!

    A beautiful poem!! Work of a true romantic !

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